Address Sorting NOT in V8

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Tue Mar 28 22:47:35 UTC 2000

	Get the lastest release (8.2.2-P5).  It supports address sorting.


> Version 4 of BIND contained a very useful tool
> called address sorting.  This was great for
> multihomed hosts - you look up a name, and you'd
> get back the network address of the network you
> were on.  If you weren't on any of networks the
> multihomed host was, then BIND roundrobined.
> For some reason, they have apparently left this
> feature out of V8.  Does anyone know why?  Is
> there a way to turn it back on?
> This is really killing our network performance
> since the multihomed hosts don't always have the
> same size pipe on each interface.
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