Address Sorting NOT in V8

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Mar 29 00:57:44 UTC 2000

craigjca at wrote:

> I found rrset-order in the source for named, but it isn't discussed in
> O'Reilly from what I can tell.  What is the best place to find details
> on this topic?

Um, did you try the documentation in the BIND distribution? "The
book" only covers through BIND 8.1.2 and the address-sorting features were
added in BIND 8.2, so you'll have to make do with ISC's docs for now.

> Again, what I need.  If I'm on network A, and the server I am trying to
> connect to is on A, B, and C (by the same name), when I do an "nslookup
> server" I should always get back the servers A address first.

Sounds like "sortlist" is what you want. But you have to configure each
network in the named.conf file. If I recall correctly, BIND 4 just
*assumed* a network size based on how your local interfaces were
configured. Since that's not always a good assumption, and because
sometimes you may wish to selectively override the behavior, BIND 8 has
you specify all of the networks explicitly.

- Kevin

> In article <OFaE4.45$5p5.1536 at burlma1-snr2>,
> Barry Margolin <barmar at> wrote:
> > In article <8br6fo$qbu$1 at>, <craigjca at>
> wrote:
> > >Version 4 of BIND contained a very useful tool
> > >called address sorting. This was great for
> > >multihomed hosts - you look up a name, and you'd
> > >get back the network address of the network you
> > >were on. If you weren't on any of networks the
> > >multihomed host was, then BIND roundrobined.
> > >
> > >For some reason, they have apparently left this
> > >feature out of V8. Does anyone know why? Is
> > >there a way to turn it back on?
> >
> > Is "rrset-order" what you want?
> >
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