Bug in MS Win2k DNS

Walt Brannon walt at web-3.com
Wed Mar 29 12:26:21 UTC 2000

Right click on the DNS  hostname in the MMC. Choose Propererties then
Advanced.  There you can choose how you want the zone to load on startup.
You can choose from the standard "Bind" type text file.  Active Directory,
or Registry.

Your primary can be a standard primary or Active Directory integrated.
With Active directory you get peer replication.  Modifications can be made
to any DNS on AD and only the updates get replicated.  This model give you
much more reliability than having a single master.

I think you will find the bug just died.

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> I know that this is a BIND discussion group, but this item is being
> posted for informational purposes.
> We have found a problem in the Microsoft Windows 2000 DNS code;
> I do not know if our MSCE has reported the bug to MS yet.
> We have a small test zone, w2k,anl.gov, that resides on a Win2k DNS
> box.  Our BIND 8.2.2-p5 Solaris DNS boxes are the slaves for that
> zone.  That zone contains two real "A" records besides the numerous
> underscored Win2k-related DNS records.  When the Win2k box is rebooted,
> the serial number in the zone is reset to a value less than the
> original value, and our BIND slaves will not transfer the zone.
> With only two real records in the zone, I have no idea if it is only
> the serial number in the zone that is being reset or if the entire
> zone is being "restored" from a backup copy upon reboot of the Win2k
> box.
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