What is this "lquery"

Christine Tran Christine.Tran at east.sun.com
Wed Mar 29 17:08:44 UTC 2000

I got this from an NFR sweep:

Time:			14-Mar-2000 08:51:21
NFR:			billygoat
Source IP:
Source Port:		3018
Dest. IP:
Dest Port:		53
Protocol:		UDP
Query Name:		
Reason:			lquery request

I have looked in RFC 1035 and the BIND book but was not able to find
def for lquery.  I thought that was an old remote command for listserv
but why is it heading for my port 53?  I also saw:

Reason:			Non Internet Query Class:0

There's no class 0.  Is it safe to assume it's just a corrupted UDP
packet?  Anyway what's the harm when named gets a query for a class
it doesn't know about, assuming someone is inserting nonsense in the
query fields?  Wouldn't my server just return an error with
"root server for class XXX not found" or something similar? 


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