Create Virtual Server Question

tuyen tuyen at
Wed Mar 29 03:29:39 UTC 2000

Hi there.

I know your email through the Bind user newsgroup. This is kind of
urgentcy that why I mail this question directly to you. I am new to
BIND(2 weeks). Please help me as much as you can.

When I open the web page  ' '        It give me error
"Cannot find server"
I wonder if you know anything about Apache Server(Use to create Virtual
Server).If you do, please tell me what I do wrong.

Here are what I have:
1/   I have BIND Version 8.2.2 level 5 and  I set up the Apache
2/   The internal name server;  assume "".    and I want to set
up the virtual server
This  name I just make up so the name  not register with

Here is the db.domain file:   IN SOA (
        2       ; Serial
        - -----
        86400)  ; Minimum Time-To-Live (TTL) of 1 week

; NAME SERVERS:                    IN  NS 

; ADDRESSES for CANONICAL NAMES      IN A                                       IN A

; ALIASES                              IN CNAME

+ AND the http.conf file I set following :

DocumentRoot /home/httpd/html/

Thank You Very much.

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