Simple Zone file question

Roy Arends roy at
Wed Mar 29 18:05:13 UTC 2000

On Wed, 29 Mar 2000, Aaron Anderson wrote:

> Here's a quicky, can someone tell me the difference b/t refresh, expire,
> and minimum in a zone file.  Which one controls how long that zone file
> is cached on a DNS server???   Basically my ISP will be changing my IP
> soon, and I would like to reduce the possible problems with name servers
> that will cache my old IP.   If I understand correctly, one of the above
> settings controls how long the zone file is cached on a server.  If so
> which one?
> Thanks,
> Aaron

Okay, after REFRESH seconds the slave contacts the master for a new copy
of the zone. If this fails, it waits RETRY seconds before it's trying to
get it again. It stops retrying after EXPIRE seconds. These are the values
with regards to primary & secondary (or slave) zone's.  MINIMUM stands for
minimum TTL. This controls how long other servers will cache 
no-such-domain (NXDOMAIN) responses from you.

If any, you probably want to change REFRESH. 



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