Sudden named process down

Toshio Kumagai Toshio_Kumagai at Kumasan.ORG
Wed Mar 29 21:11:19 UTC 2000


	From 8.2.2 source code, seems memget (== malloc) failed.
	Please refer to bin/named/ns_resp.c and bin/named/ns_main.c
	on the source tree.
	Are there enough swap space on your system ?


Hisashi Kumada wrote:
> Hi,
> I manage DNS server for some ISPs using Bind8.2.2 P5 on Solaris2.6.
> The other day I found the named process down on one of them.
> The system message file reads like this;
>     Mar 22 19:32:00 host named[782]: flushset: out of memory
>     Mar 22 19:32:00 host last message repeated 1 time
> This created a core file on a directory name server files exist,
> when it occured.
> I wonder if someone knows what is the meaning of this message
> and what is the cause of this occurrence.
> Thanks for your help.

  Toshio Kumagai	(Toshio_Kumagai at Kumasan.ORG), Japan

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