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On 29 Mar 2000 09:29:34 -0800 Juan Hernandez <juan at ahooa.com> wrote:

| I tried that, but it doesnt work.  Or I guess I don't know how to fill out
| the host form,  can you help a complete moron out please???  Gimme examples
| of it.

Be sure to have at least 2 DNS servers with 2 different names and IP addresses.
You cannot have 2 servers registered with the same IP address.  Both name and
address must be separately unique for every registered server.

Go to www.networksolutions.com and enter the domain to search for.
When you get the indication that the domain is available, click continue.
For the type of product, choose the first one and click the first continue.
Under web address registration, there are 2 choices.  Select the one on the
right that indicates you have the needed info.  Proceed from there to enter
the required information.  When you get to the point where the servers are
entered, enter the names and addresses of those 2 server.  You can enter
more if you want, up to 7 (not sure how some places have managed to get more
that 7).  Just read everything carefully and follow the directions.

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|> Juan Hernandez <juan at ahooa.com> wrote:
|> >Ok people don't flame me, but how the hell do you register a DNS Server??
|> You fill out a Host form at www.networksolutions.com.
|> >and would your ISP be able to prevent a DNS server from getting
|> >registered???
|> If the name of the nameserver is in a domain that they own, I think they
|> would have to approve it.  But if your plan is to host your own domain,
| you
|> could put the nameserver's name in your own domain, so that they wouldn't
|> be in the loop.
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