force a secondary server to synchronize

Joseph S D Yao jsdy at
Wed Mar 29 22:00:21 UTC 2000

On Fri, Feb 25, 2000 at 12:49:44PM +0000, iskess at wrote:
> I'm using a NT4 server machine as name server of a
> primary zone, a linux machine works as secondary
> server. How can I force the linux machine to
> receive an update. I want to configure it on the
> linux machine and not send a notification from the
> NT4 server.

One time or for each update?

First, you must make sure the serial number in the SOA is updated on
the NT4 machine, or the update will never happen.

You could run over to the Linux machine and do an 'ndc reload'.  But if
you want this to happen automatically, then you must do one of several

(1) wait for the zone to expire and be re-read.

(2) allow the NT4 machine to send a "notify".

(3) trust the Linux machine to develop ESP spontaneously and know when
to request an update without notification.  Don't hold your breath.


I would go for #2.

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