Address Sorting NOT in V8

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Thu Mar 30 01:34:17 UTC 2000

Barry Margolin wrote:

> In article <8bu4ra$4kq$1 at>,  <craigjca at> wrote:
> >Thanks for you help Kevin - but I'm still having trouble.  I looked
> >through the distribution from ISC that I have, but can't find anything
> >that looks like documentation outside of a few README's and some
> >compiling help.

Looks like you're missing the "doc" part of the distribution. Either get it, or
use the online docs at .

> Checked ISC's website and while they do talk about the
> >ACL syntax, it doesn't explain what the "22's" are for in your post.

> They're standard notation for CIDR address prefixes.

Barry, is there actually a *standard* which describes/specifies address-prefix
notation? I've been looking for something to which I could refer folks, but all I
seem to be able to find is spontaneous uses of the notation in RFC's starting
circa 1996...

- Kevin

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