need help with child subdomains and zone transfers

Duane Cox dcox at
Thu Mar 30 17:05:05 UTC 2000


I need some help with setting up some child subdomains.. please :)

I have nameservers and, and the zone files in question are and

I want my provider to do zone transfers on the zone no problem, I understand how to do that part
but is its own zone file and really is not tied with, BUT correct me if I am wrong...

If at&t does a zone transfer on and and at&t server is listed as a slave for that zone (, and if someone in the world
is using that slave (at&t's)... potentially if that person was to try to access, which would result in looked up
first on that slave, then they would NOT be able to access any hosts in the child subdomain... ??
Reason for this logic is that does not include any record to  .. so what should I do here ? create an NS and A record
for in the subdomain??

ps: right now at&t is not listed as a slave because I wanted to figure this out before I made the request...

Any info is helpful!

Duane Cox
dcox at

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