My Domains IP Address is being misreported by DNS servers! Help!

Marky markyh at
Thu Mar 30 05:38:10 UTC 2000

Dan - thanx for the tip. I noticed that the root servers are also caching
the wrong data.
I'm beside myself here, how do I follow a delegation path? Sorry for a
simple question,
I've been working with DNS for only a few weeks. Thanx for any help you can
offer, in
the meantime I'll download the tool.

D. J. Bernstein <75628121832146-bind at> wrote in message
news:20000327213136.22039.qmail at
> Barry Margolin writes:
> > One hint: pretend you're a nameserver tring to look up the name.  Start
> > sending the query to a root server and then follow all the delegation
> > paths.
> The DNScache package includes a tool, dnstrace, that does all the work
> for you:
> ---Dan

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