Granite Canyon routing

Neil Weicher neilw at
Thu Mar 30 12:12:06 UTC 2000


Is this still an issue (March 30)?  My page is still unreachable.  Was
working fine up until recently.


> On 1 Mar 2000 09:24:21 -0800, Steve Senator <sts at> wrote:

>Some of you may be wondering what is up with Granite Canyon.
>Since this morning (29 February 2000) the route for our network,
> has not been advertised by our ISP, Verio.
>We encourage you to help us motivate them by calling 1-888-55VERIO
>and asking them to re-publish the route to
>to Senator Enterprises, their customer of record.
>Thank you.
>-Steve Senator, for the Public DNS, among other things

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