Newbie Question - Split Zones

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Thu Mar 30 23:14:14 UTC 2000

staalejg wrote:

> Is it possible to split a zone between 2 different servers.  Usefull in a
> scenario in which you would want to separate external hosts (public space)
> and internal hosts (private space) but yet be able to resolve either
> external or internal from the internal server.  Hope that makes sense.

The traditional method has been to run two different instances of the zone,
with the external being a subset of the internal. Unfortunately, this usually
means double maintenance for the external names.

The "views" mechanism described in the _DNS_and_BIND_ book would permit
"conditional forwarding" to another server if a name wasn't found locally. If
and when "views" are incorporated into BIND 9, then this should enable the
kind of "split" you describe, which would be more maintainable than the
traditional method.

- Kevin

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