Help with Granite Canyon

Don Cole dcole at
Fri Mar 31 07:20:13 UTC 2000

I'm sure there are a ton of these requests but I'm trying to figure out the
DNS entries required to get a site entry correct.  I have read the examples
but they aren't a lot of help (I may end up ordering the DNS & Bind book).

Here is what I have entered on for the domain.  Can anyone let me know if this looks okay and
specifically what a few of the entries mean (in particular the last entry on
the RP line)?  And do I need entries for or the (I saw this listed somewhere)?

Don Cole
dcole at

; Name Servers  IN  NS  IN  NS   IN   RP IN  TXT  "Don Cole, Nic Handle: DOCO7"  IN  A  IN  A

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