help with multiple soas in secondary server ...

Oswaldo E. Aguirre M. oaguirre at
Fri Mar 31 21:01:56 UTC 2000

hi again ... I have another problem .. in the master server, every seems
to be fine, I see no errors in the log from named ... we have a sun 
with solaris 7 with multiple logical interfaces (I'm pretty sure that
this must be causing the problem) as the master dns server .. we 
have another sun with solaris 7, again with a few logical interfaces
as the secondary server for all the domains in the master server .
the thing is, if I query the secondary server it says: 

rcode = 0 (Success), ancount=6
The following answer is not authoritative:

in the log in the secondary server it appears:
Zone "" (file Secondaries/ multiple SOA RRs found

and there, in the secondary file, there are two SOA lines .., but I only
have one in the master file .. 

what can be wrong? where can I find the information?


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