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Fri Mar 31 21:19:00 UTC 2000

On Fri, Mar 31, 2000 at 11:10:32PM +0200, Johnny Fribert Lauridsen wrote:
> Wow, you seem really sure about this Joe.  Big 'NO', big 'AUTHORITY', etc.
> Some implementations do actually support DNS Exceptions, so that this problem can be handled, selectively.
> I actually tried one, hands-on and all.
> May not be strictly RFC, but I think you will see that the market will demand more functionality in DNS than
> currently is RFCed.  Does multimaster dns also spring to mind?  
> I do not think that anyone should be too RFC-tight these days with Win2000 rolling out.  Things will happen in the
> DNS arena, whether or not ietf follows (they probably will, because the market-place needs them to - If they do not,
> well, I hate thinking that thought to the end).
> my 2 cents,
> Johnny

Johnny, you can write a program that can do anything deterministic.
This mailing list happens to be about BIND.  If you can make BIND do
this, then I feel I should publicly apologize, and make your BIND
solution known to as many people as possible.

RFCs are just that, requests for comments.  If you think you know
better than the writers of the RFCs, please do comment to the IETF.
However, the RFCs usually tend to very well thought-out.  I do NOT
think that standards should be ignored just to placate monopolistic
proprietary solutions whose avowed policy is to destroy standards for
profit.  That way lies chaos.  Chaos is usually somebody's way of
making profit for himself/herself/itself only.


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