GetHostInfoByAddrEx() failed

Len Conrad lconrad at
Wed Mar 1 17:27:38 UTC 2000

I'm helping a fella move from MS DNS to BIND 8 / NT.   Both of his MS 
nameservers give this problem when using NetScan tools 3.1:

"Setting up resolver with this name server.GetHostInfoByAddrEx() failed to 
get server name."

So we switched his slave ns to BIND 8.2.2p5, it works fine, but still get 
the same failure above.

His ns ip's are: and

dig @either ip appears to work just fine, as do the usual A and MX 
lookups.  So it's not a catastrophe, but I've never seen NetScan fail this 
way and we'd like to verify his ns operations fully.


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