granitecanyon gone?

David Cost dcost at
Wed Mar 1 18:01:59 UTC 2000

I wonder the same thing. In my limited experience it looks like it should
work in theory. However when I try to run my own DNS server with ADSL on a
dynamically asigned IP, my ISP's DHCP server overrides my settings and I
cannot get my DNS recognized. If you don't have the same problem maybe
you'll have some luck. I sure wish I could get it to work so I wouldn't be
dependant on external services for primary nameserver.

"Thingol" <clarkweb at> wrote in message
news:89jbql$na7$1 at
> Haven't seen nor heard from granitecanyon in over 24 hours; can't even
> get to their website anymore.
> Question for the group: I had set up with granitecanyon using the
> unpublished primary method, with no problem. for primary, I ran a DNS
> server on my box, got a canonical name from and told GC that my
> nameserver was running on which seemed to work just fine.
> I noticed granitecanyon was down, so i thought I'd try something. I
> went to networksolutions, and registered as a host, which
> allowed me to put the ip address of my machine in...I went into my DNS
> server and put in as a "A" record...I then updated my
> listing with networksolutions to show that was the primary
> nameserver and put granitecanyon as secondary.
> anyone think this will work? it seems like i'm swallowing my own tail,
> so to speak.
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