granitecanyon gone?

Nicolas MONNET nico at
Wed Mar 1 18:25:26 UTC 2000

Steve Senator wrote:
> All of our servers are currently up. The problem is that our
> ISP for ns1, soa, and news is Verio. Verio is not advertising
> the route to our network. I would appreciate it if you and
> everyone else could help motivate Verio by calling them at
> 1-888-55VERIO (1-888-551-1630) and asking them to respond to case

It's actually, 1-888-558-3746, or 1-881-558-3746 from abroad.

> # 739848, the one describing the route to via
> for the customer of "Senator Enterprises."
> Please help spread the word on this to motivate them to take
> faster action.
> -Steve Senator, for the Public DNS and Granite Canyon

Is this related to the outage they are experiencing in several

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