BIND 8 with DYNUPDATE capabilities

Jim Reid jim at
Wed Mar 1 22:14:55 UTC 2000

>>>>> "James" == James Hall-Kenney <James.Hall-Kenney at> writes:

    James> Lucent QIP claims multimaster capability. 

Just because a vendor claims something doesn't mean it's the truth,
the whole truth and nothing but the truth. IIRC, the DNS data in QIP
comes from a Sybase database, which is ultimately the definitive
source for the zone data, not the name server(s). Updates have to be
done to this database rather than any zone files which get "exported"
from that database. This is not a multimaster capability in the sense
that the original poster was asking about. The name servers don't
synchronise with each other directly: they synchronise with the
database. And QIP uses a proprietary update mechanism to propagate
changes and diddle with the caches of other QIP name servers if/when
the zone gets updated between the zone file exports from the database.

Fact: there is no such thing as a multimaster capability in the DNS
protocol. Or a way for multiple master name servers - if these exist!
- to synchronise updates between each other. [Maybe there will be one
day.] A solution which claims to have this feature is not DNS as we
know it. It will depend on proprietary extensions with all the
interoperability and standards problems that result. Try running a
non-QIP name server that's master for some zone that's also mastered
on QIP name server(s) via the QIP database.

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