Bind V9 and hosting lots of Domains

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Wed Mar 1 04:11:37 UTC 2000

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> > > It's being thought about along with trickle loading.  However
> > > you just can't leave zone loading forever with secondary zones
> > > as you need to get values out of the zone for its maintenance.
> >
> > Sorry, can you be more specific about what maintenance is required ?
> You don't want to wait three hours to load a slave zone's backup zone
> data file and find out that the refresh interval for the zone is an

Well, yes, but there's another consideration at this point that I can

Why has it taken three hours for the slave zone to be loaded?

The answer to this is, of course, that no client has requested data from
the slave zone.  And if no client has requested data, does it really
matter that the slave zone is out of date, SO LONG AS the correct data
is fetched in order to satisfy the query.

I admit that zone transfers take quite a bit of time, but what's to stop
the secondary asking its primary for the *specific* information that the
client requested, or referring the client to the primary while fetching
the updated zone from the primary?

[ducks behind flame shield]

Mike Dimmick

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