Suppressing duplicate notify

Michael Voight mvoight at
Thu Mar 2 18:13:22 UTC 2000

No. If you remove the NS record, then this machine will not get a notify
from the master. T
The issue is all authoritative servers will send the notify to all
machines listed with NS records. The notify will be ignored by those
machines unless it comes from its master.

Michael Voight
CSE, Cisco TAC

"Henri J. Schlereth" wrote:
> I dont know if I posted this before but here is the question.
> This deals with an internal network. If I put in an NS record
> for the slave server I get the following:
> Mar  2 09:59:34 kesrith named[2294]: suppressing duplicate notify ("" IN SOA)
> Removing the NS record makes the message go away. Does this imply that
> the NS records must be for masters only? BTW the named.conf insures that
> the slave gets the notify anyway, so nothing is really broken, I am just
> curious.
> Henri

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