what's the name?

Bovine Unit #243 bov243 at pasture.net
Thu Mar 2 13:02:53 UTC 2000

>> Same question, but with "" "quack" "quck.duck.org" as the
>> arguments.

>Again, it all depends on what the DNS database contains, and what your
>nslookup settings/arguments are.

And is there an accepted norm of what those results should be? Or can
I just put in anything as long as "it makes sense?" The reason I'm
asking is I've found out I can get the answers in the form I want by
playing with various files (resolv.conf, that name -> IP address file,
and the reverse look-up file). e.g. instead of returning "localhost,"
I may be able to make it answer "quack."

By the way, should named be able to provide result from just the
non-fully-qualified name? For example, if there's machine "quack" in
"duck.org" domain, can I look up "quack" and expect query success?
Right now it doesn't... The FreeBSD book I'm following along doesn't
say anything of whether I should be able to or not.

>Just FYI, "dig" (part of the BIND distribution) is generally considered a
>better DNS debugging tool than nslookup.

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.

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