How to split DNS service using only one machine

Marco Cunha marco.cunha at
Thu Mar 2 16:13:32 UTC 2000

Hello everyone!

We have a linux box (RH6.1) running as internet gateway for the whole
network (30 or so machines). This machine acts as Primary DNS Server for
both the local clients (10.1.2.x and 10.1.3.x) and for our internet domain.

For several reasons I didn't want to advertise 10.1.2.x and 10.1.3.x IP's
and names to the internet and I didn't want the clients in those networks
finding out the wrong IP address for the gateway (i.e. The external

If I could run two copies of the server with different config files telling
them on which interfaces to listen to would be great.

Any ideas on this ?

Any help is apreciated.

Marco Cunha

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