Suppressing duplicate notify

Michael Voight mvoight at
Thu Mar 2 22:33:43 UTC 2000

Jim Reid wrote:
> >>>>> "Henri" == Henri J Schlereth <henris at> writes:
>     Henri> @    IN      SOA   
>     Henri>              IN      NS
>     Henri>              IN      NS
> The MNAME field of the SOA record is wrong: the master name server
> isn't "". [There's no A record for that name in your
> zone file.] So the real master server is sending NOTIFYs to
> and (all of the zones NS
> records *except* the one listed in the SOA record's MNAME). One of
> those name servers is probably the master server and this is confusing
> that name server.

I don't see why it would be confused.
There is no hostname, therefore, the lookup for the
address would fail when the master or any of the slaves attempt to sent
the notify to this machine. All slaves with NS will receive notifies
from all other slaves, as well as the master. This is fine, as the slave
will only make the zone xfer request of its own master. It might log the
reception of the notify, but there is no problem with that.


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