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>>Some partners and i been working into a project for long as 3 years by
>>now, and the time to open the web site to public has come (21 March). We
>>have 4 different computers into several networks connected to the
>>internet, and we're looking for a solution anti-slash-effect using round
>>robin dns.
>>I'm familiar with the idea, but not implementing the service and what
>>benefits or pitfalls can it have once running.
> I'm not sure what you're asking for.  What does "anti-slash-effect" mean?

Slashdot Effect (web server overloaded)

> Round-robin DNS just does one thing: if there are multiple records with the
> same name and type, the server will return them in a different order each
> time it's queried for that name/type.  This is mostly useful with A
> records.
> Implementing it is simple: just put multiple records in the DNS, e.g.
> www  A
>      A
>      A
>      A

Since what BIND version is this supported ? 


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