Public / Private zones - assistance please

Bruce Schuck bschuck at
Fri Mar 3 22:18:59 UTC 2000

Barry Margolin wrote:

> Both servers should be able to look up remote names, and internal
> users should point to the internal server so that they can also look
> up internal names.  NAT should allow the internal server to query the
> root servers and other remote servers.

Thanks Barry, I thought about that soon after I posted.  NAT will
allow my internal server to query the root servers and my IPS's DNS
servers ... as Homer Simpson would say ... "Doh!"  :)

Ok, so I need to get my NAT configured correctly Monday 1st thing. 
Now for the finish line.  If the external server is actually using the
internal server for DNS lookups, do I still run a server on it to
advertise my www,smtp,news,ftp,etc. to the rest of the world?  As I
don't want the rest of the world to know that is

So what I am assuming is that on my
nameserver - for arguments sake

But I still have named running on with its own view
as a primary server?  With only the external hosts defined in its
resource files?  And any change to an external host would need to be
modified on both my external server and internal server.

And let me just say thanks to all the assistance and input from
everyone who has responded so far!

Bruce S.
Humbly derelict in my knowledge of DNS/BIND!

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