PUBLIC DNS - Technical question

James Housley jim at
Sun Mar 5 13:11:37 UTC 2000

Robert Balahura wrote:
> I am using the public dns for primary and secondary dns. I have one ip
> address that I want mapped to my domain name so I registered it with the
> public dns service and created my own RR record.
> Its not working and I wonder if someone would be so kind as to help me
> out.  I've tried for many days now and I can't figure it out because I
> don't have the dns knowledge.  There aren't any resources on the public
> dns that are helpful and I can't access their newsgroup.
I am willing to help you as a user of GraniteCanyon.  Is the domain
registered with NetworkSolutions, or similar?  How long has it been
since you registered it?  How long since you created the records?  That
is the domain??

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