Chicken vs. egg

Mark Hartley nobody at
Sun Mar 5 03:03:13 UTC 2000

I just recently set up my own domain servers for a domain I own.  I had
formerly been using as my dns server simply because they
did it for free.  Now that I'm moving to my own dns servers, I have a

I've named my dns servers and,  (I'm using as an example here)  but of course now nobody knows about
those names because they are defined within the DNS setup on those
machines.  My question is:  how do I initially set up my dns servers
with a domain name if the domain names are in turn defined by those same

DNS servers.  It appears to me to be one of those chicken vs. egg catch
22 scenarios.  I know this can be done.  Can someone please explain to
me how to do this.  Maybe it is just an issue with using to

set this up.  They do not allow me to specify the DNS servers using the
IP.  I have to use a real domain name to specify which 2 servers will
handle the domain.

Can someone point my thick skull in the right direction?

Please respond here as my email info is bogus so I don't get spammed.


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