PUBLIC DNS - Technical question

Fred Viles fv4 at
Sun Mar 5 06:52:30 UTC 2000

balahura at (Robert Balahura) wrote in
<38C1E847.3E765E48 at>: 

>I am using the public dns for primary and secondary dns. I have
>one ip address that I want mapped to my domain name so I
>registered it with the public dns service and created my own RR
>Its not working and I wonder if someone would be so kind as to
>help me out.  I've tried for many days now and I can't figure it
>out because I don't have the dns knowledge.  There aren't any
>resources on the public dns that are helpful and I can't access
>their newsgroup.  

Did you read the FAQ?

I'm sure someone would be glad to help out, but you'll have to give 
us a hint or two as to what you've done & what you mean by "not 
working".  If you post your domain name and RR data, we can tell you 
if there are any errors in it.

- Fred

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