subdomain OK domain fail, help

Carlos Reed creed at
Sun Mar 5 18:40:18 UTC 2000

Hi gang!

Our intranet domain is  " intradom".

then "intradom"  delegated  "reg03.intradom"  to us.

I followed the intruction on the BIND book about Parenting.

Our subdomain works fine, but as soon as I try to resolve a name from
top domain "intradom" it fails.

nslookup tells that there is no such a domain

a) if  "intradom" doesn't exist in the top domains "."  who in the world

    my sub domain is going to know about my domain ?
b) any hints in how to arrange my /etc/named.conf and /or  the
?, in order
    to make this work

thanks in advance

Carlos Reed

creeds at

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