slow name lookups

Brandes marko.brandes at
Sun Mar 5 22:56:31 UTC 2000

hi there,

i'm running bind8 on an i386 pc. I have set up named to resolve names for my
local network. It just works fine. Only if i try to connect to sites at the
internet, name resolving takes round about 5 seconds to be done. I've read
nearly all docs and faqs but no hints.

Here is my configuration:

search my.domain
nameserver      <-- local nameserver


I have tested the connection to the ns at the provider with a direct
connection from an win98 pc: name resolving is done in a few miliseconds, so
a slow connection is not the problem. I 've also checked the debugging
information. Result: Named seems to be sleeping for 5 seconds if it doesn't
get an answer promptly from the first forwarder. Next forwarding is done
after this amount of time (it seems)!?!

Any help would be appreciated

Marko Brandes

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