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Joseph S D Yao jsdy at
Tue Mar 7 17:35:09 UTC 2000

On Tue, Mar 07, 2000 at 02:19:58AM +0000, count0 wrote:
> I am trying to create a zone file for a domain I have
> created this zone file before for Granitecanyon, but deleted it, as IN
> changed DNS servers. I now want to re-register. I copied the exact
> zone file into the text box, only to get the error:"unreasonable email
> address" here's the zone file, but I can't seem to see what is wrong
>  IN  NS
>  IN  NS
>  IN  RP
>  IN  TXT  "Tim Molloy NIC Handle: TMD204"
>   IN  A
>       IN  A
>  IN  MX  10; EXTREF


Guess 1: the domain does not yet exist, so the software
refuses an address to it.  [I hope that the software is not that

Guess 2: you have an MX record for to,
for which there is not an explicit definition.  Sure, there's the
wildcard CNAME.  But do you expect the software to pick up on that?
;-)  Besides, having an MX to a CNAME alias is a deprecated practice.

Surely, somewhere in their help files, they tell you what the possible
producers of this error message are!

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