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Jothish CSE. Jothish at
Wed Mar 8 04:05:29 UTC 2000

Hi All,

  First question is can I have two primary servers for the same domain . 
Scenario  : I have two primary server in the same domain one in India and
other one in US . Both are running Solaris 2.5.1 and BIND 4.9.7. US server
is directly connected to the internet and has the record of all the machines
of India as well as US .Indian server has the records of only Indian
machines . 
Requirement :Sitting in India  I should be able to query all the Indian
machines form the Indian primary server and whenever there is a query of a
US machine the Indian servers should redirect the query to US server. I dont
want to configure the Indian servers as a secondary or cache only . 

	Please give me some suggestions regarding this . 




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