My Domain Just Disappeared[Granite Canyon]

Derrick Hopkins ecd2100 at
Wed Mar 8 01:55:49 UTC 2000

I'm using Granite Canyon as the dns server for . Earlier
this morning, it was working fine. Nslookup returned the correct address and
so did Dig. I was able to hit the site from different locations. But now,
the domain is completly gone.

I cant ping ,
 nslookup gives me this
*** can't find No response from
my own dns server says
*** localhost can't find Non-existent host/domain

This was working fine a few hours and I havent touched the server since
then. Any ideas on what went wrong?

Oh, and here's a copy of the DNS record on Granite Canyon
-----------------------  IN  NS  IN  NS  IN  RP   IN  A       IN  A   IN  CNAME   IN  CNAME       IN  MX  10       IN  TXT  "The Boodah Brothers Chronic Server"


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