acl in forwarders and masters statements

Ralf Hildebrandt R.Hildebrandt at
Wed Mar 8 13:03:06 UTC 2000

On Wed, Mar 08, 2000 at 12:06:16PM -0000, Olivier Kurzweg wrote:
> I've discovered (bind-8.9.3P5) that using access lists in forwarders{} or
> masters{} statements is illegal. I've got no problem with that, but bind
> does not even complain when I do so.
> Example:
> acl resolvers {
> };
> options {
> 	forwarders{
> 		resolvers;
> 	};
> };
> Returns no error from bind and "resolvers" is interprated as null.

8.2.2p5 reports this as errors.
IMHO it would be a useful feature, since I'd like to be able to group my
forwarders and masters using an acl instead of typing the whole stuff over
and over again.

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