Master for domain as set in SOA is not visible to world

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Wed Mar 8 19:55:21 UTC 2000

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>Hi, I'm asking about something I'm pretty sure will *work*, but I'm not
>sure how good an idea it is.  I have a domain (call it  I want
>to make the master for this domain a system which is the master for some
>internal (not visible to the world) domains.  The only systems visible to
>the world (and the ones which will, therefore, be listed in the NS records,
>etc.) are slaves.  This system is, of course, behind a firewall and not
>reachable...and I really don't want anyone outside our group to even know
>this system exists, for obvious reasons.  The alternative is either (1) to
>move the master to one of the external systems, thereby increasing
>administrative overhead tremendously (lots of domains, lots of nameservers
>in our setup) and putting the master in our DMZ (where I don't want it), or
>(2) to make the server listed in the SOA record something other than the
>real master, which means the master will, of course, not see itself as
>I am wondering especially about the second alternative - I am assuming (I
>haven't tried it yet, though) that the external secondaries/slaves will
>still return authoritative answers, as long as they are listed in the NS
>records for the domain - and since these are the only servers queryable by
>the world at large, this should suffice.  Is my reasoning sound, and are
>there any sticky issues I'm missing here?

Being authoritative has nothing to do with whether a server is listed in
the SOA or NS records.  A server is authoritative if the zone is listed in
its named.conf file as type master or slave and it has loaded without

The only thing that really cares about the master listed in the SOA record
is dynamic update.

What you should do is list the real master in the SOA record, and the
external servers in the NS records.

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