naive DNS queries

Thu Mar 9 07:25:26 UTC 2000

Hi Everybody !!
Let me explain the scenario first :
We have NT servers and mostly win95 clients.  Then for Internet and Web and
FTP purposes we have proxy servers on linux.  The clients don't talk to each
other and to the servers too only for mailing purposes. The name resolution
is done through lmhost files at the server and host files in the clients.
Each time a client logs on the login script loads the host files from the
server to the clients. 
Now we want to implement DNS here.  The tree will be something like:

			<company >
Various branch offices 		

To start with we want to implement DNS for one such branch office, BKC. So
the domain becomes and it will have A records for the NT
servers in this branch. 
And all the clients i.e. the Win 95 machines will have to be configured to
query the server
Please let me know if the above ideas are correct.

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