Slow internal resolution

Javed E. Malik jemalik at
Thu Mar 9 14:49:33 UTC 2000

Check that in Unix box /etc/nsswitch.conf the hosts is set to
hosts: dns files

Hope it would solve the problem.


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::One of our Web servers, which is, of course, outside the firewall, has a
::name that doesn't end with our domain name.  Specifically, our domain is, our main Web site is <> ,
::and the server in question (on the same subnet as
::<> ) is called
::<> .  The resolver lives at a different
::agency;  we have nothing to do with it.  The resolver
::lives here
::and I'm the homeless schizophrenic they picked up off the street to
::administer it, so I only know rudimentary things about DNS and BIND.  To
::make it worse, we're running BIND 4.9.3 and our cache table hasn't been
::updated for 4.5 years. <>  has 2
::aliases: and   All 3 are in our basic database,
::which we call (I inherited all of this -- don't blame anything on
::me).  The one in the subnet database file for 209.210.72 is
::<>  (with a dot after it). As far as I can tell,
::everything is right for <>  in our
::DNS tables.  If you do an nslookup, the name gets changed to <> , and it
::resolves to the correct IP address (
::>From the outside world, if you put
::<>  in your browser, you get the Web page
::immediately.  From inside the organization it takes "too long" (say, a
::minute or so) -- long enough that we're getting complaints.  If,
::from inside
::the organization, you put the IP address in the browser, you get the page
::immediately.  If, from inside the organization, you put in
::<> , you get it immediately.
::Before we started looking into this, my PC, from which I was
::testing it, and
::which runs NT workstation, had nothing for domain or DNS Service search
::order under TCP/IP protocol properties.  I added the domain
::( and
::our (internal) primary and secondary name server IP addresses, and I was
::confident that this would solve the problem.  However, having the domain
::name and DNS name servers in my system doesn't help at all.
::tracert (from "DOS") waits a long time (about a minute), then shows the
::resolved name/IP (
::<> ) and 2 hops: 10ms to the
::first router
::and 10 ms to the second router, then fizzles out.  traceroute from a Unix
::machine waits about a minute, then shows the resolved name/IP and 3 hops:
::1ms/1ms/1ms to the first router, 1ms/1ms/1ms to the second router, and
::1ms/1ms/2ms to the firewall.
::Why does it take so long to get the name resolved?  At first I
::thought maybe
::it was going to the other agency to resolve the "", but based on the
::results from traceroute, it looks like it's resolving here.  Does it have
::something to do with the duplicated ""?  Is that confusing BIND?
::I get the digest, and would very much appreciate it if anyone answering
::would cc my e-mail address:  ann_stewart at
::<mailto:ann_stewart at> .
::Thank you.
::Ann Stewart
::DSSS Unix Support
::California Franchise Tax Board
::ann_stewart at
::(916) 845-3790

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