Andre Schwaller andre at
Thu Mar 9 18:22:11 UTC 2000


I have following little problem :
my  ns1 and ns2 are sitting on and ...2 and the outside net is and ...202

the outside IPs are redirected to my 10er network therfore my cards are
only configured to
the internal 10er ip addresses.

If you now make a nslookup (set debug) from the 10er network everything
is ok !
But if you do nslookup (set sebug) from the internet i get TTL set to

ns1    86400 IN NS
ns1    86400 IN NS
ns2    86400 IN NS
ns2    86400 IN NS
but if i delete the internal ip's it does work but then everything is
going to wend on my provider which is not wat i want (traffic for
nothing! and in switzerland traffic is extreamly expensive)

who can help me ? ...

Regards Andre Schwaller

ns1 (redhat 6.1, bind 8.2.2-p5)
ns2 (FreeBSD 3.4, Bind ??)

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