dhcp/dyn. dns sometimes works sometimes not ???

Helmar Pabst hpabst at rostock.igd.fhg.de
Fri Mar 10 09:26:09 UTC 2000

Problems  d y n.  D N S with D H C P  Update


I am testing dhcp (version 3) with dyn. DNS Update (version 8.2.2-P5)
, both under a single solaris box running solaris 2.7.

In principe it works ... but only in principe ... .lets say 80 percent
of all tries to update from the dhcp server are successfull 20 percent

I have not touched the dns-zonefile and the -reverse file for a
period of 3 days manually,
because i thought a reason could be that there is a mismatch between
the serial numbers or other things of the <zonefile> and <rev_zone_file>
and the apropriate incremental update files like *.ixfr and *.log
But the same symptoms occure.

I am running the dhcp server with: usr/sbin/dhcpd -cf /etc/dhcpd.conf -d 
, so i can see all the dhcp messages on the screen.
So i get lets say the following output:

delete succeeded: TURKEY.rostock.igd.fhg.de 0 IN A
delete succeeded: 0 IN PTR
(indicating a remove of the client in zone and reverse file after
expiered lease time - the optimum)

delete failed: PEACOCK.rostock.igd.fhg.de 0 IN A
delete succeeded: 0 IN PTR
(a host was removed in reverse file but could not deleted in zone file)

add failed: PEACOCK.rostock.igd.fhg.de 0 IN A
add succeeded: 0 IN PTR
(a host was removed in reverse file but could not deleted in zone file)

So it seems, that when the client was not successfully removed in one of
zone/rev_zone files (in my case all the times from the zone file)
, the next update causes errors.... but the next day (lease time of 24h)
it is sometimes successfull to add the same client in both files.

The log of the named gives in this case of failures the following
DNS update: error processing update packet (YXRRSET id 57285 from 

My questions, if anybody can help me:

1. What is the principe of the dyn. DNS server to read the *ixfr and
   files and to include them statically in the zone files ???
   First i thought named is doing that after every restart or start ...
   but now it seems to me, named is doing that stochastically.

2 What reasons could happen for the stochastic way of dyn. update of DNS

3.How is it possible to get a more detailed output of dhcp update
  than starting dhcpd with the option -d ?

4. Has anybody a tip for a graphical tool for managing dyn. DNS /DHCP,
   other than webmin ?

Thanks in advance - Helmar

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