help with simple DNS setup

steve at steve at
Fri Mar 10 21:07:34 UTC 2000

I am running windows 2000 server. I have the host
registered with the internic ip#
This machine acts as my mail server, primary dns server, web server.

here is my zone. file:

;  Database file for zone.
;      Zone version:  31

@                       IN  SOA  steve. (
                        	31           ; serial number
                        	3600         ; refresh
                        	600          ; retry
                        	86400        ; expire
                        	3600       ) ; minimum TTL

;  Zone NS records

@                       NS

;  Zone records

@                       A
@                       MX	5
homer                   A
ns1                     A
nt                      A
www                     CNAME

I am getting the folowing error message in nt2000:

The DNS server encountered a packet addressed to itself -- IP address

The DNS server should never be sending a packet to itself.  This
situation usually indicates a configuration error.

Where is the error?
I want this machine to respond to:


steve at

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