RFC 2317

parker at bctm.com parker at bctm.com
Fri Mar 10 21:45:07 UTC 2000


> RFC 2317 was really intended for delegations below the /24 level.
> Technically, you *could* use a similar methodology at higher levels, but
> I can't imagine, for instance, your parent preferring to create ~16,000
> CNAMEs (one for every possible address in your range) over the
> "traditional" model of just delegating 64 /24's to your servers.

That wasn't what I was getting at - I was thinking there might be a way
to arrange it such that I didn't need to maintain 64 zones... our parent
would have 64 CNAMES (one per "zone"), we would have a single
64-127.60.172.in-addr.arpa zone.


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