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	After successfully running W2K DDNS as master - I setup BIND to be the master instead for the W2K zones.  I blindly specified
the W2K defaults for the SOA  as per the attached - but get the following
BIND messages.  Given the default TTL for the dynamic W2K SRV records
appears to be 10 minutes - are there any rules of thumb for determining
optimal BIND SOA values for the expire, retry, and refresh values?  I found
Jim's recommedation for expire - but - came up empty for retry and refresh?

	Thanks - and - attached....

master zone "" (IN) loaded (serial 2000030615) WARNING SOA expire value is less than 7 days (86400) WARNING SOA refresh value is less than 2 * retry (900 < 600

The following is an example of a Microsoft DNS server generated default SOA
resource record: 

@   IN  SOA (
                               1            ; serial number
                               3600         ; refresh   [1h]
                               600          ; retry     [10m]
                               86400        ; expire    [1d]
                               3600 )       ; min TTL   [1h] 

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>>>>> "Mickey" == root  <r_runner at> writes:

    Mickey> master zone "" (IN) loaded (serial 42)
    Mickey> Feb 25 22:44:09 ApiS named[3262]: WARNING SOA
expire value is less than 7 days (432000)

The expire time in the zone's SOA record is far too low. It should be
at least 1 week: a month is even better. This error is just a warning,
it's not a showstopper.

    Mickey> Feb 25 22:44:09 ApiS named[3262]: IP Address
error (  

Line 10 of the zone file contains a mangled IP
address. Think of it as a syntax error in the zone file. This error
prevents the zone from being loaded successfully, as was confirmed by
the log entry below.

    Mickey> Feb 25 22:44:09 ApiS named[3262]: master zone "" (IN)
rejected due to errors (serial 200002251)

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