suppressing duplicate notify

Henri J. Schlereth henris at
Sat Mar 11 14:20:32 UTC 2000

> but I can't see
> the answer how you got rid of the message... Did you remove the second
> slave entry? When doing

There never was a second slave entry. The problem was that the
person that parks my domain also has an SOA in his zone file for
me. I removed his name server entry from my zone file (the
one that I didnt show when I mailed my zone file to the mailling
Then the duplicate entries went away. 
Then I added the slave NS record and everything worked fine.

> Thanx for your answer...
> ---
> ; SOA (Start Of Authority) resource record
> @ IN SOA (
>                 2000030903      ; serial number
>                 28800           ; refresh after 8 hours
>                 7200            ; retry after 2 hours
>                 604800          ; expire after 1 week
>                 86400           ; minimum TTL of 1 day
> )
> ; NS (Name Server) resource records
>                 NS    
>                 NS    
>                 NS    
> ---
> Andreas J. Bathe
> --
> sysadmin at

Using dig on you domain gives out

as your nameservers not the opens listed above. If any of those have an
SOA then that may be causing your and (used to be my) problem. does not have a matching SOA with the
machines. I think you need to dig at all the servers that you
use and compare the SOA output. Only you know which is actually
the right one. Sireco points to but your has an SOA that points to appears to be in London.



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