IXFR and Bind 8

Kevin J. Dunlap kevindNOSPAM at metaip.checkpoint.com
Sat Mar 11 00:01:52 UTC 2000

At 03:23 PM 03/10/2000 -0800, Dave DeChellis wrote:

>Can anyone give me the status of IXFR?  Also, according to the
>documentation, CLIENT side IXFR is disabled.  Could someone tell me the
>difference between client and server IXFR functionality?   Will full
>functionalty be available in the final release of 8.3 or will it first
>available in Bind 9?

If you need IXFR today go get BIND 8.2.3 t1a 

What is in BIND 8.2.2 P5 had enough bugs that I rewrote the code.
Both Client and Server side IXFR in 8.2.2 P5 have bugs.
Client side of IXFR is the code in named-xfer and Server side is what is in 
IXFR will be in both BIND 8.2.3 and BIND 9 and in their respective test 


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