Largest number of domains that bind can handle?

Jim Reid jim at
Sun Mar 12 20:05:08 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Will" == CHANGE username to westes <junkmail at> writes:

    Will> Let's assume a four processor Intel based Pentium II 500 Mhz
    Will> server on the low end and a 60 processor Sun box on the high
    Will> end.

    Will> Assume as much memory as you want, just specify the number.

    Will> The acceptance criteria would be that a DNS query should not
    Will> take more than maybe 100 ms to answer when the system is
    Will> under very heavy load for 72 straight hours.

    Will> NOTE: To reply, CHANGE the username to westes AT

    Will> "Bill Manning" <bmanning at ISI.EDU> wrote in message
    Will> news:200003091722.JAA08183 at
    >> % % What is the largest number of domains that the latest
    >> releases of bind
    Will> can
    >> % handle before reliability and performance are compromised?  %
    >> % -- % Will % % NOTE: To reply, CHANGE the username to westes
    >> AT
    >> thats a tough question. What hardware platform and OS are you
    >> presuming? what metrics are in force to determine when bind is
    >> "compromised"?
    >> --bill

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