problems with root servers... (fwd)

Jim Reid jim at
Sun Mar 12 20:58:50 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Humberto" == Humberto Gomez Lopez <hugomez at> writes:

    Humberto> hi!  I have some trouble with bind 8.2.2-p5.  On my
    Humberto> secondary server, it resolves our local zones, but It
    Humberto> doesn't resolve addresses with the rootservers. I have
    Humberto> checked the connectivity from outside our network and
    Humberto> all is ok.  I have found this when run ndc status .....
    Humberto> server is STILL priming 
    Humberto> server IS NOT loading its configuration

    Humberto> I think the still priming have something to do with
    Humberto> that.

Indeed. You've either (a) not configured the server with a hints zone
statement for the root zone; (b) supplied bogus information in the
hints zone file for the root zone; (c) prevented your name server from
either sending queries or getting answers from the internet root

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