selective forwarding ?

Rahul Parasnis rparasnis at
Mon Mar 13 05:59:30 UTC 2000

Thanks a lot , 

That was very informative. 
How could I possibly  do the Following 

For selective zones I would like to forward the Query to Root Server.  

And for the Rest ( internet)  I transfer the query to another forwarder  
which is running on firewall. 

my primary server is jp.domain 

so upper level is .domain 

zone ".domain" {
	type forward;
	forward only;
	forwarders { root servers address ; } 

or I have to write *.domain infront of zone  

Am I expecting too Much ? 

Thanks a lot 
- Rahul 

At 09:56 AM 03/13/2000 +0900, Cricket Liu wrote:
>> I am using bind8.2.2P5 
>> How can I selectively forward particular zone ? 
>> or vice versa 
>> How can I ask my name server to go to root server for particular Zones ? 
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